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Default Re: Marvin in the hot seat

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
Actually, Forrest Gregg and Bill "Tiger" Johnson both finished their careers with the Bengals with winning records.

You say this like the Bengals weren't the laughing stock of the league before Marvin Lewis arrived. The Bengals already were fodder for late night comic monlogues all through the 90's. Losing was a culture before Marvin Lewis arrived in Cincinnati. Sure, there have been some bumps lately with all of the player arrests and hopefully these issues will be avoided in the future. But you obviously don't understand exactly what the Bengals organization was like before Lewis arrived.
actually.... as a coach Forrest Gregg finished his career at 75 wins/ 85 losses/and 1 tie (not a winning record)...and had one winning season with Cincy...but to be accurate, with the Bengals he ended up 28-25 .. before they realized one winning record in four seasons was a BAD THING

William Levi Johnson, Sr was indeed 18-15 with the Benglas but was only a coach for 2 1/2 years after Brown retired and quickly took a winning team his first year, to the bottom of the AFC central (with one winning season before they crap-canned him...hmmmm)

...and yep...I remember when the Bengals where just pathetic (with their ownership not wanting to even buy towells big enough to wrap around the players when they came out of the showers)...instead of pathetic and a caricature of what is wrong with sports.

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