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Default Re: Marvin in the hot seat

Del Rio- Needs a consistent and constant QB before a verdict can be reached. Good defense and easy schedules have helped them overachieve which puts extra pressure on the coach.

Coughlin- Guy is in NY. If you don't win in NY, then you either need to quit after a couple years like Parcells so you can maintain your mystique or you'll be fired.

Lewis- This guy lost control of his team, and they didn't fire him. He hasn't won anything of any consequence and they didn't fire him. Why would they fire him now?

Gruden- Tampa doesn't have a real QB. Is that his fault or not? If management decides it is, he's expendable.

Fisher- I don't know. This guy is a lot like Cowher but he only got close once, and his teams are nowhere near as consistent as the Steelers.

Brian Billick- He's not going anywhere

Romeo Crennel- He is going to have an offensive line this year, and no Browns coach has had that since the 80's. The QB play should be better, too. If this team improves like it should his job is safe.

Herman Edwards- KC is a mess, and it's hard to lump all the blame on him.

Brad Childress- I don't know, what kind of expectation can you place on the Vikings? Don't suck bad or we'll fire you?
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