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Default Re: Japan Official Resigns Over Bomb Comment

Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post
So some of you wouldn't like this huh?
Here is the really interesting thing...

While everything I said about the hatred in Asia between the Japanese and others are true... right now we need Japan to rise to counterbalance N.Korea and China.

What we are truly seeing, is the next major buildup to the next world order... and maybe world war. And yes, the war in the gulf is a foreshadowing... setting the stage for where allied forces can and cannot base out of for air and ground support.

What many don't realize is that since the cold-war ceased, there has been a massive disorder in the world. However, the pendulum is swinging to a new world order (yeah, this is what Bush 41 was talking about). However, the coming world order will again be based on military and economic strength... as they all are.

the problem.... why it is so foreign to us this time... is because this is the first world order that will be formed outside of the roots of the Roman empire. Thus, this is new ground.
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