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Default Re: Steeler's most indispensable player?

Most indispensable...

To me, that means, when he is out, the team suffers more then they would with anyone else....

So, Troy? Nope, Our D played pretty well without him. I agree he is our best player.. but I am not sure most indispensable... Same with Ben.

So who has the biggest drop off if they are out?

I gotta say Fast Willie. Here is why...

Say we are playing in the SB... and you had to play the backups in a position....

Would you rather play one of our backup safeties in the place of Troy?
Would you rather play Batch in Ben's place?
Or would you rather play one of our RB's in Willie's place?

I gotta say Willie is the most indispensable.

While I like Faneca... We have a couple of backups that I actually trust... so the drop off wouldn't be nearly as bad as it would be with the RB.
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