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Default Re: Steeler's most indispensable player?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i think im with LITP, revefsreleets, and mosca on this one. historically in the draft, teams knew not to even worry about a safety in the 1st round and it is only a recent trend that safeties are being drafted in the 1st 15 picks (thank polamalu for changing this trend though- he exemplifies the importance of the position).

we and the nfl have had many great teams in the past but nobody has peeled off 13 wins in the same (regular) season, and nobody has won a sb at a younger age than ben. akili smith or cade mcnown (or even pennington or grossman) wouldve been able to accomplish the same on the steelers teams the past few years.

a case must be made for willie parker though. (edge still goes to big ben - rb's are shorter lived and easier to find). he can easilly have more carries than the qb has pass attempts in any given game, and is trully a "gamebreaker". there are a definitely a few qb's who can be said to have better skill sets than big ben, but not that many who have what willie brings to the table.
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