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Default Re: Team of the 2000's

First... the season of 2009 has a SB of 2010... Thus, the 2010 superbowl is still considered this decade... actually, 2011 SB is still this decade... and the year 2010 is still in the 00's decade.

How? The years start at 1-10, 11-20... 1991-2000... 2001-2010. Since the 2011 SB is for the 2010 year, it is also this decades SB (as it is the end of the year).

Thus... being chronologically specific... there are actually 5 superbowls left... including this years... 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

However, in normal NFL accounting... it is only the 2010 year that will count, just like the SB in 1980 counted for us.

thus, there is 4 SB's left. Which means, we can win three or four more.
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