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Default I learned a valuable lesson yesterday...

Don't go to an amusement park when you have an ear infection. Or atleast don't ride coasters that do loops and twists.

I love rollercoasters. Hell, that's about the only thing I will ride anymore. Rides that spin ya in circles will make me sick. But I've never had a problem with a rollercoaster before in my life. Bring on the loops, corksccrews, pretzels, etc... I love em! But damn... The 3rd coaster I rode yesterday had a loop and a pretzel in it and that was it.

Barf city and my head did not stop spinning for hours afterward. :(

The ear infection took hold Tuesday evening. It hurt like hell Wednesday but of course it being the 4th, I couldn't get to the doctors. By Thursday it hurt enough that the doc also prescribed antibiotics and Vicodin for the pain and so I could sleep. Friday morning it still hurt but wasn't as bad as Wednesday.

Anyway.... I woke up this morning and weighed 7 pounds less than yesterday morning.
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