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Default Re: SN- Ranking the Tight Ends

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
Well... I hate to play Devil's Advocate, but I feel like I must.

I was complaining before about the Steelers getting snubbed, but this time the Ratbirds did. Todd Heap got robbed at number 5. WIlcox isn't amazing, but how can you rank Heap's 70+ receptions and about 800 yards a year over the past two years 5th?? He has been unjustly overlooked.

the ravens got snubbed???? this is the easiest argument to put to rest. look at the rankings again. the ravens were ranked #6 as a group, and todd heap was ranked #3 behind only gates and gonzalez in the AFC. i dont see the snub unless one feels wilcox is that great. hes not. 31 other teams have a "wicox" on their roster. tuman is easilly better than wilcox and he wasnt even mentionned in the rankings.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
As bad as some of the 'anti-Steelers' articles that have been floating about this year (Ben ranked at 17th and the Rooney's at 9) this seems like a total reach the other way. definitely not a "total reach".

Why is Matt Spaeth even getting mentioned? spaeth is arguably the best tight end in the draft last year. the steelers had him as the #1 TE on their board which explains why they couldnt pass on him in the 3rd round. spaeth dropping to 3rd round can be looked at like brady quinn dropping to #22.

More than a few people were spitting feathers when Calvin Johnson showed up in the WR rankings but at least he was a genuine All Star college player - Spaeth is a 3rd round draft pick. i dont think a few people spitting feathers about a wr's individual rankings have any bearing on ranking the steelers TE unit as a whole. TE and WR are 2 completely different positions although spaeth was a collegiate "all star" at his position just the same as calvin was.

I like Heath Miller and think he can be a weapon on offense but reality tells us that he caught for less than 500 yards in his rookie season - then regressed last year to less than 400.

miller didnt regress. his reception numbers did. maybe the coaches did. the o-line definitely did. however his run blocking progressed. he is regarded as one of the finest blocking tight ends in the league. remember were talking about tight ends, whose job is blocking to. it would be different if these rankings were on receivers

Im fully aware that Pittsburgh haven't made the most of their TE's ability to catch the ball in the past, but why are they ranked at No.3? because if you take away gates and gonzales potential hall of fame receiving numbers they clearly have the best unit with the most upside in the league.

The Colts TE's are better by a long way (and actually proven at NFL level) and im not too sure why the Patriots rank as low as No.8 despite having Ben Watson who's production last year improved by 50% on the year before. a "long way", huh? i will refer you to the "why steelers drafted a TE thread" or to nfl.coms "players" section. dallas clark has yet to best millers career high of 39 rec or 6 td in his rookie season. dallas clarks career high in yards (488) is only several more than millers best.

spaeth shattered ben utechts records at minnesota. utecht was a free agent. spaeth who is a bigger specimen was a 1st day pick and the 3rd TE taken in the draft. utecht is in an offense where he and clark started atleast 12 games last year. (no wonder manning is one of the least sacked qb's in the league) spaeth is easilly a better blocker than both clark and utecht. tuman is clearly better than any teams 3rd TE.

ben watson and the pats are right were they should be. unfortunately for him the patriots have this thing called the "patriot way". with the amount of wr's they brought in his numbers will be kept down in hopes of re-signing him on the cheap. there is simply too much competition for the ball and he will never put up ben coats type of numbers even though he clearly has the talent level to do so. as the #1 option in the pats offense last year, if the group was better than 8th, he easilly shouldve been able to put up numbers comparable to the worst of any of gonzalez's or gates's season (after all they are always double teamed) if the pats had their choice between tuman and brady, im pretty sure tuman would be a patriot.

Aswell as Kyle Brady they have a guy who used to be Vince Youngs go-to-guy for Texas - David Thomas who has alot of ability as a pass catcher. at 6-3 and 248 lbs. d. thomas and his 11 receptions may be more of a liability in the scheme the pats run and seems to be more of a "special package" type role player. theyre better off with mike vrabel in there.

Truly a bizarre placing of the Steelers - every bit as out-of-whack with reality as ranking the Rooney's at No.9.
doesnt seem bizarre or out of whact to me. where would you rank the steelers big 3?
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