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Default Re: SN- Ranking the Tight Ends

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
You can argue all you like about who you think is the best TE in the draft, but the fact is - he was still the 3rd guy picked and he lasted until the 3rd round.

the rankings arent based on where TE's are drafted

That makes it a very weak draft class for TE's in my book.

it was. last year was a weak class for wr's too. didnt seem to effect s. holmes or m. coulstons performance

Until Spaeth shows something on the field he is a non-factor.

why even draft players if theyre not a factor? good players selected are always a factor. just ask r. bush and v. young. (didnt you cite v. young and his go to TE?

I realise that blocking is a key part of being a TE ( we used to have Daniel Graham - possibly the best blocking TE in the game) but the fact remains that its an intangible statistic.

so intangibles have nothing to do with who may be the best unit? i will contend blocking is a very important job and is a great barometer of who may have the best unit. i wont give spaeth all the credit for l. maroney or m. barber jr.'s success in the nfl but he definitely helped them get noticed.

A few guys have standout years and get a rep for good blocking, but its a very subjective thing - people tend to favor a TE they get to see the most footage of - how can you compare him to TE's who you don;t watch on a regular basis?

looks like plenty of scouts saw enough of footage of spaeth to have him ranked where he was. i trust the steelers scouts, much in the same way patriot fans trust belichick and pioli. i'll take my chancesw with their judgement being that i have never scouted spaeth

Do you know how good a blocker Ben Watson is?

hes so good the patriots went out and got an old journeyman named kyle brady

Your 'potental upside' theory is shaky at best and hardly quantifiable.

upside is upside. miller has plenty. k. brady has zero

You dont even know enough about how the TE's are going to be used in Pittsburgh this year to be able to comment on their degree of upside.

i know enough to say their #3 ranking is justified

I dont see how the Patriots are 'where they should be' - Watson caught for more yardage than Miller and your No.2 guy is a rookie (Im not too concerned with how many yards they caught for at Minnesota) is totally unproven.

watson will "regress" in 07. he's not in an offense that will fully utilize his skills, and even if he were the patriots will not pay gonzales or gates money to a TE. argue that point all you want, but the "patriot way" says he will not exceed his best year which was last year. he has 7 career td's. sorry if im not impressed.

So Spaeth shattered the records of a guy who didn't even get drafted? Sorry thats not really a big deal is it?

it is when you are singing the praises of how great clark and utecht is

How is Spaeth a better blocker then Utecht?

he is a better blocker because he blocks the defender better than utecht. dont base your opinion soley on how he helped slow down an aging and tired patriots pass rush in the afc champ game. about 100 nfl scouts would agree with me. check the sources i provided you in my previous post.

The Colts have probably the best O-line at pass protection in the league - yet you rate a rookie above their No.2 guy?

yes. infact, i am willing to bet the colts had spaeth ranked higher than an UDFA on their boards and would gladly trade utecht for him if offered.

As for your comments regarding David Thomas, i'll credit that a lack of time spent watching David Thomas's limited time in the team (i'll remind you that he was behind Daniel Graham and Ben Watson who are both better TE's than anything the Steelers have on their roster).

watson- 3 yrs 80 rec 1100 yds 7 td
miller---2 yrs 73 rec 853 yds 11 td (and one of the best blocking TE's in the league)

Still, as always, you are welcome to your opinion - though it appears to be based upon a basically unknowable coaching philosophy regarding TE's (Tomlin) and a 3rd round rookie.

and as always, thank you for the reminder that a steelerfan is wecome to an opinion on a steelers message board.

Where would I rank the Steelers?

Behind - San Diego, New England, Baltimore, KC, Denver, Indy, St Louis, NYG, Dallas, and Atlanta.

So around 10 or 11, maybe.
as a starter, miller has more playoff experience than watson, more playoff wins, and more superbowl experience. other than hopes, and dreams, and perceived potential, what do you possibly have to suggest hes better than miller (as a receiver)? theres no question hes a better blocker.

can you even name the 2nd and 3rd te on dallas, st louis, atlanta, giants squad? whose 3rd behind heap and wilcox? you left out washington's c. cooley in yout TE unit's rankings. does that make the steelers 12th?
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