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Default Re: SN- Ranking the Tight Ends

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the ravens got snubbed???? this is the easiest argument to put to rest. look at the rankings again. the ravens were ranked #6 as a group, and todd heap was ranked #3 behind only gates and gonzalez in the AFC. i dont see the snub unless one feels wilcox is that great. hes not. 31 other teams have a "wicox" on their roster. tuman is easilly better than wilcox and he wasnt even mentionned in the rankings.

Come on, Tony. Statically, you could say that Heath finished in the 3rd tier of TE's last year. The man right before him, L.J. Smith had 611 yards. That's 218 more than Miller who was 13th last year in the league. I'm not saying the Ravens should have been 3rd instead of us... but someone should have. Besides Wilcox had three times more catches and touchdowns than Tuman and Spaeth combined last year

Truthfully, and this kills me even more, it should be the Brownies in the three hole.
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