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Default Re: Top 10 Linebacker Corps All-Time

Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
No i am just saying if they are that good why dont they have anything to show for it?

Here is my argument if you trade places with the steelers linbacking core with the saints one would the steelers have won both those superbowls?
Absolutely YES. You can also say that if the Steelers LB's were on the Saints roster instead of our 4 the Saints would not have won 1 additional playoff game. We did not win more because of our was always the offense...and the 49'ers also. The Steelers has hall of fame/pro bowlers all around them...offense & defense which the loss of any component would have made winning those SB's problematic.

No doubt the Steelers were great.....but we'll take any kind of recognition we get.

Good luck in 07!
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