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Default Re: USA Today Release Preseason Rankings

Originally Posted by Newzfoxjr View Post
I don't see how the Cowboys are ahead of us and they're two spots ahead of us...They only won one more game than us last season...and I think we're more talented. I think they have us beat at WR, but not RB or QB.

Eh, this doesn't matter. We all know who is going to win the Super Bowl anyway. :P
Now, maybe I am wrong... but there is no way in Hateees that the Cowboys are better than the Steelers at WR bud. I would take Hines over T.O. any day and Holmes is gonna run circles around anything else the Cowboys have got. Nate Washington is better than the Cowpokes No.3 guy I would almost be willing to bet on it. I look for Washington to step it up this season and have a good year as our no.3 guy.
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