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Default Re: USA Today Release Preseason Rankings

All things considered, I think 13 is a reasonable ranking for the Steelers at this point.

One team I believe that is WAY too high on that list is Denver. Yes, they solidified their secondary with the addition of Bly, but their pass rush has been their biggest weakness on D for the last several years - maybe Moss and Crowder can change that, but maybe they won't. I think their LB corps has slipped as well with the loss of Al Wilson to a career-ending neck injury.

I also think Cutler is vastly overrated as a QB. For as much media criticism as Ben receives (as a QB that has actually done something in the postseason), this kid Cutler (along with Romo) are continuing to be looked at as the greatest thing since sliced bread, based on next to nothing. Living in Denver, I am force-fed a lot of Broncos games and having watched Cutler quite a bit last season, I can honestly say the kid hasn't impressed me one iota yet. No way they challenge the Chargers for the AFC West crown this season nor should they be ranked 7th on this list.

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