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Default Re: Steeler's most indispensable player?

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post

If Roethlisberger goes down for a game or two, OK.

But, what about down for forever?

If Polamalu goes down forever, we can replace him within a couple years. Same with Faneca, same with Parker. Not so with Roethlisberger.

It took OVER 20 YEARS to replace Bradshaw. Franchise QBs come along once in a generation.

Your point is very interesting. A number of years ago, under Cowher, I don't think it would have been a question.... QB would have NEVER been picked, as we didn't really EVER depend on a QB.

Maybe we have to answer another question first, how much of the run game will be showcased in Pittsburgh over the next 10 years under Tomlin? If the run game continues to diminish in Pittsburgh, then it may be Ben. However, if we start depending more on the run game again, then I will have to still lean with Willie.

Short term (season long), I gotta say Willie though. Long term... sure, i may go with Ben.
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