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Default Re: SN- Ranking the AFC Tight Ends

seriously, litp, before you take your ball and go home, i really wanna know why heath miller was left off of this list of greatness you offered up:

Watson - 78 catches 1084 yards
Crumpler - 61 catches 785 yards
Gates - 105 catches 1353 yards
Gonzalez - 92 catches 989 yards
Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

Miller 73 catches 852 yards 11 td's (1 SB)
is it because all those you listed needed to sit around for a year in a reserve role to "learn" the offense?

or is it because it was unfair that h. miller has participated in (and won) about as many playoff games as those 4 combined?

maybe he was just the beneficiary of a great team.

oh wait. the steelers were a 6th seed wild card team.

beneficiary of a great qb?

oh wait. ben was just a 2nd year "game manager".

beneficiary of a great running game?

oh wait. it was old man 2nd stringer bettis and "flash in the pan" never been a starter and undrafted parker.

perhaps it was that great wr corps?

oh wait, it was el, ward and wilson.

it had to be the coaching staff right? or was it possible that the best collegiate te could actually come in as a rookie and prove his worth?

again, i still dont get what your list proved, although i think the intent was to show how "great" watson is/was.

next time you offer a list such as this to support a "point" try to be a little less see through and biassed. miller blew them all away when you compare their 1st seasons in the nfl. (in receiving and blocking) feel free to offer up the last rookie TE to have tha same impact in the nfl as miller. (just go on receiving stats, as i know that will bhe much easier for you).

what was that about steelers not knowing how to draft or utilize TE's?
Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
actually sporting news agrees....after all they did rank them at 3....

and here i was convinced i was standing all alone. oh wait... i started this thread based on shared opinions!
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