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Default Re: You can't smoke there!

This is going to have all sorts of possible double meanings but that is not my intent. Cleveland was in the running to host the Special Olympics and they lost the event and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue because the Special Olympics is a Global affair, and the fact is that a bunch of countries have heavy populations of smokers. They picked a city in a state that allowed smoking. Ohio is experiencing all kinds of economic fallout from their stupid anti-smoking law, and I expect, if not a repeal, then a moderate alternative bill passed soon.

Regardless of your position on smoking, it's wrong for the government to dictate this kind of sweeping moratorium.

And, by the way, there will never be a direct one-to-one correlation from smoking to lung cancer, because that would mean that EVERY smoker who dies dies from lung cancer. Smoking contributes to cancer and heart disease and all that other stuff, but it can never be a 100% direct cause. I'm not defending it, because I quit myself, but I'm just trying to keep it factual and real.
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