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Default Re: You can't smoke there!

I understand where you are trying to go with this, Father, but I'm not buying it. Who are we to play God and pick and choose who should or should not benefit from medical research and treatment?
We pick and choose already. AIDS gets so much more money because it is a politically correct disease. It is in vogue to have concerts and raise all types of money for it... but it affects less people then many other diseases. No one is genetically predisposed to AIDS, it is simply a disease that comes primarily from choice, as some other do as well.

It is just my opinion that it is a fairer way of decided what gets researched if those who give out the money take into account actual people being killed by the disease, rather than political nonsense.

There are millions of people who have died from COPD, emphysema, lung cancer, etc. who have never smoked in their lives nor been around a smoker. Having just gone through my ex's medical crises and hearing from various medical experts that his heart problems are most likely genetically predisposed just lends credence to my belief that most diseases, including heart disease and cancer, are often more determined by a person's genetic makeup. His father died at the early age of 39 from CAD (coronary artery disease) and every one of his uncles on his father's side has had bypass surgery.

I've had adenocarcinoma of the sinuses twice since 1996 and from what I was told by doctors who are experts in the head and neck cancer area, my cancers were more than likely NOT caused by smoking. Since I am adopted, I have no idea what diseases I could be at risk for, but I can safely assume via conversations with my doctors that my cancer was predisposed by genetic markers.
No argument. I too am adopted and have no idea about my medical history, except that both my grandfathers died of heart attacks. I have had some funky things happen to me that is ONLY attributable to genetics.

WHat I am asking for... is for the hysteria in political community to stop, and for an actualy assessment of which diseases are REALLY able to be stopped by choice... and then hold off on those and focus on those that are killing more people and are not choice based. That is all.

I don't agree at all with medical profiling and segregating people because of their choices in life. God created all of us with fault and I don't believe there is a one of us who can say we don't or haven't engaged in something that isn't good for our health and/or welfare at some point in our lives.
I don't believe I am segregating people, as much as I am discussing the best way to help the most people who are least able to help themselves. In the end, there is always a methodology for giving research grants and funding WHO drives. I am just wanting to be more scientific and lest politically driven/haphazard.

Heck... SARS has affected how many people in the world? Yet how much more money has been put on it as compared to chicken pox.. which is making a comeback amongst those who have already had it.. and is very destructive? But one is more "sexy" then the other, and gets all the attention.
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