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Default Re: Oh, the irony!

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
While the Italians weren't as oppressed on as large as a level here. I often take "WOP" or "Dego" in stride. No "our word" BS.

The mannerisms of the Italians are funny. I do talk with my hands and I love a slice of pizza or a bowl of gnocchi. The NAACP has created their own monster so they can slay it and be the hero in the end...

That was probably a little harsh... Sorry if its taken that way, but the ENTIRE world needs to lighten up just a bit...

You'd be suprised how many people wouldn't "take these words the wrong way",...but would instead admit the worth of whatever truth lies within them.

And at then make the concious decision to say "F##k you" just based simply upon the person that your are without it being predicated upon your ethnic background at all.

Was that ,......."light enough" ? LMAO
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