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Default Re: Pens Sign Crosby to 5 Year $45 Million Deal!

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
And of course, we have the predictable parade of idiots who think we overpaid and screwed ourselves in the future when it comes time to pay Malkin, Staal and Fleury, as well as saying that his salary "really isn't a discount" and therefore he isn't really all that classy. They also used the familar "he's still too young and needs to mature before he can earn that kind of money." I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure Ray Shero and the Pens considered every possible scenario, even the possibility of the salary cap either staying the same or dropping in the near future (which is the latest mantra from said idiots), before giving Sid the money THAT HE HAS EARNED AND DESERVES. So I trust what they are doing and that they won't have too much trouble keeping the core together. Besides, the last time I checked, we didn't move to New York and change our colors to red, white and blue.
I'm out of my element here in the hockey thread, but I thought I heard that the contract was structured to leave room to sign the other young stars...
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