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Default Re: Oh, the irony!

What's sad is that it's not the common everyday people that have brought light to the hyprocisy of the world's use of words. It is those with some power, whether it be media, political, ethnical, or even theological. It seems those in the position of power want to play nicey nice with everyone and it just doesn't work that way.

Not everyone in the world will get along with everyone else. I'm not saying that this should give a reason for being racist, sexist, or some other kind of bigot but instead that if you aren't in agreement with those around you, don't hang around with them.

What's even sadder is that there have been studies done that show if you take two people who are different in one fashion or another, and put them in a specific boundry that they will work together, have respect for each other, and otherwise live without using derogatory comments towards each other.

While it is unfortunate that there are still people in the world today who think slavery shouldn't have been abolished, it is also unfortunate that individual groups of people continue to use words that they would choose others not to use in describing them.

When individuals forego the NAACP and make a stand for their own self value, then and only then do I believe that we will see a change in how people use words describe others.

Bottom line - We are all God's children. And while I may occassionally be in disagreement with my brother or sister, I love them, respect them, and want to fellowship with them!

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