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Default Re: Oh, the irony!

You know what I did when I saw footage of this "ceremony?"

I chuckled.

Why? Because they're burying a word that should have been dead and buried long ago. Or, at least it would have been had black folks not created one huge double standard by using the word in a "different context" and try to justify it, then turn around and persecute a white person for using it because it's offensive and racist. I don't give a damn what context it's used in - I don't like the word, it's a disgusting and derogatory word, and it should not be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It's amazing, and sad, that it took a pissed off stand-up comic and a shock jock for the NAACP to finally come to that realization and speak out against it.

The media and especially the entertainment industry should also take their fair share of the blame for the double standard taking hold.
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