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Default Re: To vote earlier or not vote earlier. That is the question.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
While I understand that move of states to all go early... and it would make sense to simply nationalize the primaries and run them all on one day...

I really miss the long primary season leading up to the summer, votes in the convention to nominate.... floor battles... etc.

It has just become more and more a show... less and less about actual beliefs.

Anyone else miss the old style politics... where certain customs were ALWAYS followed, like no presidential campaigning until after labor day? Politics was pretty much a moot issue between the last primary and the convention. Both the GOP and Dem. candidates would respect each others conventions, and not do anything big during, just before, or just after it.

Wow have we ever devolved.
ican't remember the last time i'd seen a politician kissing a may have been when yosemity sam and bugs were both runnin for mayor...
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