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Default Re: Oh, the irony!

Hip hop culture has to accept a large part of the blame for the proliferation of the N word globally.

In Australia our youth gravitate towards american trends, as that is the predominant image broadcast on our television stations. It is sad to see our Indigenous aboriginal youth use this word as greeting to each other. It is equally as sad to see the rest of our multicultural youth try to use the word as well. It sounds ugly no matter what context it is used in.

We have battled for so long to end racism in this country but our youth keep inflaming the situation with hip hop associated rebellion. The history behind our colonised country still plays an equally big part in battle with racism.

Remove the use of these derogatory terms from our television and music, and our next generation of youth will hopeful be free of these unacceptable terms. Add to that the need to remove the endless put downs to females in rap music and we might make some progress for our children.

Glad to see the end of the word, personally. Lets hope it filters down to the youth and in 20 odd years it may begin to disappear.

"One Race --> The human race"
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