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Default Re: U.S. Warns of stronger Al-Qaeda

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Good post, I voted for Bush. I think 6 years ago most had no idea that this would happen. However. Six years ago I was afraid we'd be frequently attacked on our soil. Thankfully we haven't. For that I am thankful. Not to say that won't change. However. I am obviously concerned that we have put an incredible amount of time, money...& especially 3,500 lives + many injuries into this war with little to show. I also, am starting to get concerned & hope we can actually find a solution. When you are dealing with muslim jihadists, it's not always easy.
Yes. Bipartisan politics need to take a backseat in this next election. I vote Democrat generally, but at this point I would consider anyone who has an effective evacuation plan.

I was hardly in the middle east, but I found while visiting many European countries that America is totally destroying its foreign relations on this campaign. I encountered PHYSICAL confrontations solely because I was an American.

It made me sick, but It made me scared. Not for my own safety (I can hold my own against a 5'5" Italian on too much wine), but for the future of our own homeland security. The pot is boiling. The water is rising and I can't even fathom life after it spills...

There is no easy way out of this war. The situation is absolutely out of control and is only looking to get more serious. I don't even know what a good plan is at this point... Something needs to happen, though. I just hope it doesn't spiral into complete chaos while our government sits on their hands...
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