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Default Re: U.S. Warns of stronger Al-Qaeda

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
Yes. Bipartisan politics need to take a backseat in this next election. I vote Democrat generally, but at this point I would consider anyone who has an effective evacuation plan.

I was hardly in the middle east, but I found while visiting many European countries that America is totally destroying its foreign relations on this campaign. I encountered PHYSICAL confrontations solely because I was an American.

It made me sick, but It made me scared. Not for my own safety (I can hold my own against a 5'5" Italian on too much wine), but for the future of our own homeland security. The pot is boiling. The water is rising and I can't even fathom life after it spills...

There is no easy way out of this war. The situation is absolutely out of control and is only looking to get more serious. I don't even know what a good plan is at this point... Something needs to happen, though. I just hope it doesn't spiral into complete chaos while our government sits on their hands...
the civil war in Iraq has to be the most chaotic place on our planet right now. the civilian death toll is uncomprehendable. i hear our leaders speak of "winning" in iraq... is such a simple concept even possible in a region deeply seeded in tradition and faith? i think our terminology on important matters is disgustingly simple... and it evokes answers that are vague and equally simple... giving our leaders the ability to answer away any tough question with a simple catch phrase that'll cover any deeply philosophical and social/political integrated question one might ask.
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