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Default Re: U.S. Warns of stronger Al-Qaeda

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
the ONLY way there will ever be a peaceful iraq is if the "PEACE seeking citizens" of iraq decide to take there collective heads out of the sand and start working with authorities to root out the war mongering extremist. i mean if someone starts launching mortars on my street, odds are i'm gonna know about it. if i'm not in support of the violence, you bet your ass i'm gonna do what i can to help the proper authorities find the perps. if they fear reprisal, an anonomous phone call or letter would do the trick.
Unfortunately, given General Hayden's perspective, it appears you will have as much chance of calling the Ghostbusters for help as the "proper authorities" if you are looking for help in Iraq.

Sort of like spending every day living in New Orleans in the days after Katrina came through.
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