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Default Re: in 1492 Columbus discovered...

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Astronomers using the Hubble telescope and ground-based observers have discovered the first example of a isolated, stellar-mass black hole. They detected one of these lonely, invisible objects indirectly by measuring how their extreme suckitude bends the light of a more distant star behind them. All previously known "stellar" black holes have been found orbiting normal stars. Astronomers determined the presence of this powerhouse by examining their effect on their companions. The findings also suggest that stellar-mass black holes do not require some sort of interaction in a system to form but may be produced in the collapse of isolated, massive egos, as has long been proposed by stellar theorists.
Astronomers then pin-pointed the black hole in Cincinnati,OH. One astronomer was quoted as saying "oh man, do you know how bad you'd have to suck"
So science has proven that the Bungles suck with such force that not even light can escape their suckiness.
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