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Default Re: Burress not wanted

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Come on, if you want to play for one year, just suck it up and come back home. In fact I would bet Plax would become more popular if he came back. We would go nuts every time he scored, even if its only six times all year. Anywhere else he scores 6 times, they'll be saying they got robbed and he's a bust. But its all about those dead presidents.
I think that after signing Cedrick "the Entertainer" Wilson there is zero to no chance of Burress coming back. I think whatever Wilson lacks in size compared to Plax he more than makes up in speed, hands and route-running.

I also believe we will all be pleasantly surprised by Wilson's production and by this time next year we'll be asking "Plax who....?"

Compare career numbers:

Player Rec Yds Avg YAC YAC Avg
================================================== =
Ward 505 6055 12.0 2121 4.2
Burress 261 4164 16.0 705 2.7
Wilson 97 1203 12.4 291 3.0
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