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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

I say, huge PUBLIC props to Dan for finding and sharing source material. That raises our discourse to an entirely different level. This is in addition to the private rep I've given him.

For me, these discussions are never about being right or wrong. They are about putting my ideas out there to see if they can stand the scrutiny of someone else's logic and point of view. If my ideas are strong, I should be able to defend them against an unexpected tack, something I either didn't think of, or didn't know about. It's like verbal football; pick the thread, plan the words, organize the paragraphs, and run the post; then see what matchups come out of it, see how my words were parried, see how counter arguments are justified, and then decide how to best defend what I wrote, or adjust what I previously thought to account for something that I think is more reasonable. Yes, sometimes I've had my opinions changed by these discussions; that is always good, to get worthy ideas from others. Because in the arena of ideas winning isn't measured by how well you beat down the other guy (no matter how much some of our pundits on both sides might want you to believe); it's measured by how well your ideas evolve.

The level of political discourse here at SF is by far the highest I've ever seen in a forum where politics isn't the theme. That's because opposing points of view here aren't the enemy; they are the tools for the evolution of our own thoughts. And huge props to the moderators and the administration for recognizing this and keeping it safe and on track.

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