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Default Re: Respond to this comment.

I can definitely see where you would be mad at your friend for such a ridiculous statement. I'm glad it's your friend and not mine, obviously this person has never left the perameters of Philadelphia. I live in Central Ohio, where you would imagine it would be a split between Clowns and Bungles, but actually Steeler fans here easily match the other two. Now your friend might say to that consider the teams you're speaking of, and if he does you can tell him that these teams have this support because WE are real fans! Including both Ohio teams fan base. Good Lord, they've been getting kicked around for years but come Sunday their fans are there. Seems like most fans think that their team is the only ones with die-hard fans or that their fans are the greatest, maybe I'm just like that. I have seen Steeler fans all across this country from coast to coast, but you know I just can't remember any feverish Philly fans say in Florida. I went on vacation there and stopped in Ft. Lauderdale and there is a Primanti's Pizza next to the ocean. Don't you know people were standing outside Oct. 3rd drinking Iron City and trying to see the game. I drove truck for awhile and was able to see different places and meet different people, so I'll just end this by saying your friend needs to travel a bit more and meet different people. Come to Columbus Ohio and I bet they'll be surprised!
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