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Default Re: 7 Wonders of Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Being a history buff, I was surprised that Fort Duquesne wasn't on the list judging that it was a key fortification/location during the French and Indian War.

Then again, Pittsburgh has a history of forgetting it's past if it's before 1970. Look no further than Braddock's Field (present day North Braddock) where 1, 460 British were ambushed and defeated by French and indian units. George Washington being a colonel in the British army at the time of the battle and leaving the battle with four bullet holes through his coat.

It's a shame. More recently, they filled in the bastion leading into the Point while unearthing colonial-era soldiers.
i was reading about a month or so ago where they thought they may be unearthing the (north?) wall of the fort in the rennovation they were doing. whatever became of that? i know there was gonna be a debate of what should be done between destroying and upgrading vs. preserving.

the fort definitely deserves a top 7. perhaps they meant "the point" to include that history.
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