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Default The sorry state of online gaming??

Let me preface this with the fact that I am 31 years old, been a gamer all my life, and rarely play online. I own an X box 360 and a decent gaming rig (PC, along with a server and laptop).

Anyway, my main reason for owning a 360 at all is for sports games, which the consoles handle infinitely better then the PC. I used to love getting a group of buddies together to play hockey tournaments or the latest boxing game at the time. Since we have grown and kind of gone our separate ways with our own families, etc. We like to occasionally get a game via online play. Keeps us young.

That being said, I am just completely disappointed by the people I find online playing games. Mainly on the 360. I was playing Fight Night 3 the other day, and, having become bored with the career mode, I decided to check out the online players. I figured I could get a fun match against someone of equal skill level and have a blast. My first fight was with an obvious California teenager who decided he wanted to talk a little "smack" during the fight. We exchanged pleasantries. I.e "Where you from?" etc. Then, the fight began. It was rather even with me even having a slight edge. Fun, right?

Well. Then, after the first round. The guy says, "Are you ready?".....I was like, "What?"
Then, an obvious second person took over and proceeded to just start swearing and going crazy in the game. I was like WTF??

The next five matches left me with immature people either pretending to play poorly for a round or two or just yelling profanities and quitting when you start winning....I just turned it off, and will never play online again unless it is against a friend. I have had similar experiences with Madden and NBA 2k7.

Now, we love to play Gears of War. That's a great game. I play the co-op campaign mode with my buddy online. So, we are average players. Neither one of us have much time to devote to the game so we are novices online even though we beat the campaign on the hardest level. We enter the basic, non ranked room and proceed to get completely schooled by junior high kids! Now, not that I don't accept losing, but, talk about sore winners. There was nothing but arrogance and trash talking.

First of all, we just don't have the amount of hours that these kids obviously have to get online and play until we are masters at any given game. This is fine, but what scares me is do these kids ever do anything else? What kind of good competitive behavior are they learning? And, most importantly, is this what online gaming is????

Perhaps it is just the wrong type of games. I should probably stick to M2TW or other games that cater to a more mature audience. But, at the end of the day, I almost always yearn for a great single player story. I have not had a good online playing experience yet. Am I getting old? What am I missing??

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