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Default Re: The sorry state of online gaming??

lol. good post hammer. i enjoy pente. it is an ancient greek board game sorta similar to tic-tac-toe/connect 4 with much more strategy involved. my buds, and uncle loved chilling, having a few brews and playing it like it was a game of chess.

i thought i was pretty good. its a rather simple game and figured i could hang with about anybody. i found an online site to play it about 7 years ago (dweebosboardgames) so me and my uncle could play cross country, and played with dweebo, who was the sites creator a few times. he absolutely ran circles around me and beat me like a rented mule.

for such a simple game i still cant figure out how i was so easilly owned by the simplest of strategies. i gotta say dweebo was cool though and probably appreciative that somebody was visiting his obscure site. (i think he was a college student programmer)
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