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Default Re: The sorry state of online gaming??

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post

I still don't know what that means... which means I'm a n00b apparently. I'm sorry that I'm not cool enough to understand a language created by some kid with social skills as void as his skin complexion....
LOL!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!! !1!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

its just simple cyberslang stupid kids use these days. the intent is to say they OWN you and intentially misspell/type o.w.n.a.g.e. so they can all laugh in unison when you try to tell them they are so dumb they cant type/spell O.W.N. its a pretty juvenile baiting tactic.

i take it youve never posted on the CBSsportsline football board? its a pretty old and tired tactic.

n00b = newbie
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