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Default Re: The sorry state of online gaming??

I have been playing online games on the PC for years. I personally prefer a well built PC over a Xbox 360 are PS3, but I still have a XBOX 360 and play online with it to. I prefer first person shooter games going back to 1999 UT and Quake and there following releases. I all so have to keep up my rep as a sports gamer to, with madden and so forth. And a keyboard and mouse combo is better then any joystick in first person shooter.

We use to host a lot of lan wars at home with 15 are more who would come over they were so much fun. And while living in germany we even went to friends houses in Holland and France, Sweden and so forth while I was there, and it was great to meet everyone while kicking there butt.

Personally I am 36 and love gaming. We use to take some nice healthy prizes at big lan wars in Europe with are clan travel around. I made some good money off of Unreal Tournament while it was hot.

Since I came back to the states I really have not got into any clans and have just been sitting back waiting to see what is released and try out the games and see what is the next real big first person shooter. I have been playing UT2004 with some of my old buddies as we wait on the next big release.

Personally when playing games I prefer to talk to teammates only that way there is not all that name calling and imature stuff.

But I also feel for ya when someone else takes over the other end and they switch off. My boy plays madden and when he is getting beat he yells dad I need some help and I go in and take over for him, but I do not talk over the mic. But it should be easy to figure out in the way the game play changes, and the defense is different and the offense has changed its play.

Heck I have even been playing that boring game called Guild Wars for over 2 years for fun here and there and highly ranked in it.
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