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Default Re: The sorry state of online gaming??

Originally Posted by ChronoCross View Post
But I also feel for ya when someone else takes over the other end and they switch off. My boy plays madden and when he is getting beat he yells dad I need some help and I go in and take over for him, but I do not talk over the mic. But it should be easy to figure out in the way the game play changes, and the defense is different and the offense has changed its play.
Yeah, but don't you think it would teach a better lesson for your kid to take a loss like a man? Isn't that kind of unfair to the other player?

But, I hear you about playing with friends over strangers online. A few people where I work (I work in IT and there are lots of computer geeks) get together every couple months and have a LAN party at someone's house. It is fun and we are all pleasant people. It is nerdy but clean fun.

I am just so disappointed at the level of online play. You either get a snobby, whiny, sore loser kid who curses at you or you get someone who obviously plays the game much more then should be humanly possible and there is no way you can even have fun against them. I think these folks have scared off all the average "Joe" players just looking for a good game.


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