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Default Re: Vick indicted

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Don't bet on Vick walking away from this Tony - this is the Justice Dept., not a local DA who operates a bait shop on the side and needs to run for re-election.

As for Mortensen, ESPN of course has been saying Vick is in the clear when not running such breaking news events as "who is more now?" This is a PR nightmare for the NFL in general and Arthur Blank + Nike in particular.

Here is the link to the indictment, with numerous references to 4 CWs (cooperating witnesses) who presumably already have cut their plea deals. IMHO the USAO for the ED Virginia did not cut those deals to nab "P Funk", "Q", or "T", but to nab #7 in your program, who also goes by the name "Ookie" in the attached indictment.

Maybe Vick can get a commutation if the sentence is "excessive."
even though i knew it was federal indictments, i was still in the frame of mind it would be his lawyers vs. the VA po-dunks. so i guess its gonna be better than marcia clark and chris darden handling the case?

thanks for the link. the fact that they have 4 CW's definitely shows the feds are more into getting the "trafficker/drug lord" big fish, as opposed to the "dealer on the street selling dime bags" small fry. depending on how loud they sing it could be a slam dunk case. i gotta think they wont squeal unless they feel no threat from getting whacked by an "enterouge" member currently in prison.

oh yeah, "whose more now" absolutely sucks.
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