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Default Re: Vick indicted

Am I correct in assuming that this case would be heard by a regular jury of citizens?

If that is the case, I see heartstrings really getting tugged in the prosecutions favor. Dogs that were not only forced to fight each other, but shot, hanged, electrocuted, beaten to death by, supposedly, Vick and co.?

I read most of the indictment, but it was becoming repetitive. By the sounds of it they have people ready to testify since they have already disclosed so many dates and info about six years of fights.

I can't see Vick NOT getting suspended...
As someone in a Falcons forum put it.
If a CEO is accused of embezzlement
A teacher accused of molestation

Would they not get a little "vacation" to figure things out? I would think/hope so.

So why not a Pro Athlete who is accused of organizing and participating in an illegal gambling ring?
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