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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Great post.

Let ask you a question about this entire issue (voting against, instead of for).

It seems to me that during the cold war, the issue of national defense was at the forefront of every election. Thus, whoever the president is, there was a belief that if the unthinkable happened, the president would order nuclear retaliation.

Today, we have no such overarching fear. Thus, secondary issues have become primary in elections, and the fear of making the opponent look weak or unable to govern is not an issue in the post-cold war America.
When our country was founded was the purpose of our founding fathers/government much more than protecting our new country? I would say no. I think we are being lulled into complacency because nothing major has happened in our country since 9/11. Personally, if you don't think of "the unthinkable," & plan for it happening, you are inviting disaster. IMO I think we have the same "overarching fear" if not more, than we have ever had. Apparently I don't represent the majority.
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