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Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Vick gets a strike for spreading it without letting the woman he was having intercourse know he had the STD.Reports said he never mentioned it to her before he boinked her.That makes him a scumbag.

If just having it made him a scumbag,then my best friend would be one too...and he got his from high school wrestling (herpes of the mouth,not the cash and prizes).He has let his two GF's he's had since he contracted herpes that he has it,which is the correct thing to do when you have any type of STD.

Brady is having a child out of wedlock.That is something completley different that spreading an STD.He isn't handling it well,which doesn't make him a scumbag yet (lets see how involved he is in the kid's life first).if having a child out of wedlock made you a scumbag,then most of the people who have kids nowadays would all be scumbags.
actually vick doesnt get a strike for that. there is no "scumbag clause" in the player conduct policy, and while your personal opinion is appreciated i doubt goodell is basing suspensions on how some highschool kid who got mouth herpes from wrestling, conducted himelf with girls afterwards.

personally, i feel if goodell wants to suspend vick, going to trial on federal felony crimes stands by itself. im more interested in the legal ramifications and how the players union than i am who thinks hes a scumbag and who doesnt. i think its pretty unanimous that vick is a scumbag just like it is with ray lewis. that never stopped ray lewis from taking the field, and he was inderectly behind 2 humans dying, not 8 dogs.
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