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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

AD... Thanks for that response... It made me think, which is always a good thing.

What I wonder however, is if this particular group of citizens is now to fractured to truly see a unifying candidate? In the Democratic party, right now there seems to be 4 truly dividing factors.

1. War in the Gulf. Those who hold to the U.S. pulling out now demands that the people they elect on that platform perform. Right now, the DNC is experiencing a lot of kick back for not delivering a date for a pull-out. There are rumors starting that the Democrats may lose the next presidential election because this group will stay home if their man or woman is not nominated. While there are a number of people from all over the political spectrum that agree with the sentiment, the demand to establish a date and pull out pushes the candidate too far to the left for many.

2. Abortion. Any nominee from the democratic party must be pro-abortion, if a candidate is against the war in the gulf, but also against abortion, he or she is unelectable as a democrat. There are a number of Christians that will not vote Democrat for this reason alone... that may cross over otherwise.

3. Enviromentalism. There is a strong Green streak in the party that demands allegience to what many in the middle or the right would call radical enviromentalism. These people are probably in agreement with the first two issues, but any candidate MUST hold on to the enviromental doctrines of Global warming, Kyoto treaty, etc.

4. Labor. This is a fascinating group. They want... demand protection and almost always vote democrat, however, Reagan was elected in part because of Labor. Enviromentalists will at times be at odds with this group.

The GOP isn't quite as fractured... but the fractures run much deeper

1. Laissez-faire There is a strong segment of the GOP that wants government to completely stay away from business... or personal lives. They want no social change driven by government and consider the tax code as social engineering. This group has been around a long time, as is known as the Rockefeller Republicans, also known now as the Rhino's because if this is the primary drive for a republican, they usually don't care much about other issues. These are also known as the "country club republicans." Interestingly, this group is dying out in the party. While the belief of lower taxes and laissez faire govt. stays with most GOP'ers, it is not the main and driving force of the others listed here.

2. Abortion. This group DEMANDS the GOP to ALWAYS put up a pro-life candidate. Because this group is very strong within the party itself, it prohibits Rudy Giuliani from ever making it out of the primaries, and will cause a revolt in the party... and possibly a third party if a pro-choice republican ever made it to a general election for president. Some of these people ONLY vote GOP, ONLY because of abortion.

3. Law and order republicans... These are the ones that yell and scream about our laws being obeyed... such as border issues, SCOTUS overstepping its boundaries, etc.

2 and 3 will sometimes cross... but there is a distinct difference, and the demand for the candidate is different.


Here are seven different groups that drive politics in our country. The problem is that the way we are currently set up, a candidate has to play towards one or the other of these groups. If they play to the left, it isolates the middle... If they play to the right, it isolates the Rhino's of their own party.

Thus, it seems the problem may be that politicians have learned that instead of playing gumby, and stretching to reach all sides, they should point out to the other party the parts of the candidate that his or her counterparts DONT want. SUch as, Rudy is pro-choice, Clinton thinks she is above the law (whitewater). blah blah blah...

So how do we back away from this current problem? The divisions run deep, and will continue to run deeper, especially because the house and senate are up for grabs every other election now.

BTW... I doubt Obama will be a person to draw the nation together. His ties to his church will really hurt him if he makes it into the general election. His belief on abortion will not allow staunch GOP'ers to vote for him, or elected GOP members to work with him, because they will lose thier base. Rudy will have the same problem in the GOP. Hillary will draw out a major negative vote, as Clinton fatigue still exists. Thompson from the GOP seems to have a strong draw among the Reagan GOP, but he runs smack in the face of the democrat abortion group and labor...

So who do we look for? There is no one that can draw together the country. What it will take... and this is very sad to say, is a major attack and sustained war/rebuild against a single enemy a la WWII.

I just don't see that happening, nor do I wish for it.

What else may turn the tide? Who knows. I just know I am sick and tired of it...

Heck... I haven't even started into the additional issues of the internet, talk radio, podcasting, and the creation of the Super-states in the geo-political make up which is changing the entire political dynamic both within the country and in international politics.

ARGHHHH... Now I have a headache....

When does training camp start!!!

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