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Default Re: Navarrette: Americans don't want these jobs

Originally Posted by Steelerstrength View Post
My son's best friend came here legally, with his parents, who were considered middle class in Mexico. It took them five years to finally get through the corrupt system in Mexico, along with the red tape from the US Government. His parents went totally bankrupt in their efforts to get the whole family to the US legally. There are only the three of them, parents & son. Paying attorneys, immigration officials, and waiting in line for the US to approve their legal entry was quite costly.

Unfortunately, not every Mexican family can afford to pay the powers that be, nor afford to feed their families during that costly wait. I can truly feel for the people who only want something better to provide their family. Somewhere they can make enough money to feed their children, and possibly have a dream of progressing, so their children can live a better life.

I know for a fact that I would do anything in my power to make it here to the US, if I was born into poverty somewhere in Mexico. This is the place to be! The United States of America, the greatest country on earth! Why wouldn't everyone want to be here?

I love the US! It's where I was born, my parents too. My grandparents were born in Mexico, all except my 99 year-old grandmother. Her uncle used to drive a stage coach through California. My grandfather, on my fathers side, walked across the border to live in the US. He made a life for his family in Santa Barbara. He never had any papers to show his citiszenship. Out of his 9 sons, my uncles, 7 proudly served in the US Military, including my father who was a crazy Marine!

My point, not all illegals are bad people. Some are tax paying people who just want a better life. They are not on welfare, and are too proud to go to the doctor if they cannot afford it. They make their children go to school and learn English as a way to better themselves in this great country. Just as my parents made us speak English only, in our house, my grandparents spoke Spanish. They did not want me to forget the culture and traditions of being a proud Mexican family. I wish there was an easy solution to this issue, but unfortunately there is not. I wish there were a proper system to legally enter the US from Mexico. Maybe that's where our politicians should spend more time, resolving the legal system, and working with their neighbor, rather than just building a fence and creating anymosity among human beings just because of their ethnicity. It is very hurtful to hear some comments that people make out of their anger and ignorance, not specifically on this forum, but in our free society. I really want to believe that if we knew each story, and had the opportunity to communicate person to person, that we might feel different. While I truly do not have the answer, I can hope for some understanding and compassion from my fellow Americans.
I hear you, but totally disagree. What I find disheartening is that people are so quick to flee their country. I would think they would work on trying to find out what makes their government so corrupt and to try and fix their country instead of fleeing. Mexico has some of the nicest beaches and resorts in the world. Add to that the tourism that could be generated from the pyramids and other cultural points of interest. That country should be thriving!!

What makes them any different then Canada. You don't see Canadians running the border. How are they different?

I don't think it is an issue of compassion. It is an issue of fairness. I have an acquaintance at work who moved over from Ireland. He had to jump through the hoops, as it were, and deal with the red tape but it was worth it to him. He is a LEGAL citizen paying into the system and making a life here. He is more disgusted at this illegal immigration situation then any native Americans.

I have nothing against anyone trying to make a better life for themselves. I don't care about race, religion or creed. What I do care about is thousands of people, here illegally, protesting in our streets about "unfairness" or whatever and carrying the flag of another country and speaking another language. That made me sick to my stomach. And they could have been French, Chinese, doesn't matter. It's the point.

And, for every decent hard working person that came to this country that doesn't abuse the system, there are more that do. My parents live in Kentucky and there is a huge illegal Mexican population in the Louisville area. There are stories all the time of who pays for their health care and benefits. It is a big issue there. Many of them are getting paid under the table and not paying taxes yet can walk into a hospital and be treated. Or, if an illegal commits a crime, who pays for their incarceration? We do. We have too many problems of our own to deal with another country's issues.

I hope they get this mess sorted out because people are flowing through our southern border by the thousands. It's wrong, and illegal and needs to be controlled.


"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

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