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Default Re: Navarrette: Americans don't want these jobs

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
I hear you, but totally disagree. What I find disheartening is that people are so quick to flee their country. I would think they would work on trying to find out what makes their government so corrupt and to try and fix their country instead of fleeing. Mexico has some of the nicest beaches and resorts in the world. Add to that the tourism that could be generated from the pyramids and other cultural points of interest. That country should be thriving!!

What makes them any different then Canada. You don't see Canadians running the border. How are they different?

I don't think it is an issue of compassion. It is an issue of fairness. I have an acquaintance at work who moved over from Ireland. He had to jump through the hoops, as it were, and deal with the red tape but it was worth it to him. He is a LEGAL citizen paying into the system and making a life here. He is more disgusted at this illegal immigration situation then any native Americans.

I have nothing against anyone trying to make a better life for themselves. I don't care about race, religion or creed. What I do care about is thousands of people, here illegally, protesting in our streets about "unfairness" or whatever and carrying the flag of another country and speaking another language. That made me sick to my stomach. And they could have been French, Chinese, doesn't matter. It's the point.

And, for every decent hard working person that came to this country that doesn't abuse the system, there are more that do. My parents live in Kentucky and there is a huge illegal Mexican population in the Louisville area. There are stories all the time of who pays for their health care and benefits. It is a big issue there. Many of them are getting paid under the table and not paying taxes yet can walk into a hospital and be treated. Or, if an illegal commits a crime, who pays for their incarceration? We do. We have too many problems of our own to deal with another country's issues.

I hope they get this mess sorted out because people are flowing through our southern border by the thousands. It's wrong, and illegal and needs to be controlled.

Um...what is it that you totally disagree with in my post? I'm assuming that you really don't totally disagree. I stated that my point was that "...not all illegals are bad people." Do you totally disagree with my point?

I strongly agree that the illegal crossing is out of hand! No one seems to have the answer that is practical. I wish Mexico would deal with the problem, they could solve it. The truth is, they benefit from it. Quite a bit of money flows back to Mexico so that families can eat, or buy medicine. It sure helps their economy. (That's similar to how it is done legally by Big Business from other countries, especially here in California. Japanese conglamorates own many large & small companies, including Golf Courses) Again, I agree that this is a very bad problem that requires much more attention than it is receiving. Our own government is allowing it to continue, just as the government of Mexico. They are both the "Bad Guys" in my opinion, and need to get this resolved quickly! (How many years have we been saying this?)

When you state,"We have too many problems of our own to deal with another country's issues." I assume that is tongue in cheek. That is what we do as a nation, and as a people. We deal with other countries issue's every single day. Billions of our tax dollars go to various countries and governments. Responsibilities of a superpower.

Here is a short list of countries that received money from us in 2004:

Iraq 18.44 Billion
Isreal 2.62 Billion
Egypt 1.87 Billion
Afghanistan 1.77
Columbia 0.57 Billion
Jordan 0.56 Billion
Pakistan 0.39 Billion
Liberia 0.21 Billion
Peru 0.17
Etheopia 0.16
Bolivia 0.15
Turkey 0.15
Uganda 0.14
Sudan 0.14
Indonesia 0.13
Kenya 0.13 Billion Dollars

Source: US Aid & Department of State 2004

Conversely, USAID to Mexico was 33 Million in 2004, according to the US Embassy to Mexico.

Also, for purely comparitive reasons, how long did it take your Irish friend to get through the process?
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