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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The 50/50 split was for the entire sample. Among whites, 54.4 percent polled thought he should be released, 36.7 percent that he should stay until there was a verdict, and 8.9 percent had no opinion. Among black respondents, only 26.6 percent thought he should be released, 65.6 percent said wait until the verdict, and 7.8 percent had no opinion. That racial disparity is statistically significant.

I assume the 36% of whites who say let him play are split between those who sincerely believe nothing should be done until conviction (lots of "remember the Duke lacrosse case" comments) and those who would cheer for a serial killer at QB if it increased the chances to make the playoffs.

With regard to the 66% of black respondnets who say let him play, on Atlanta sports talk on the drive home tonight I heard one caller who said dog fighting is no different than white players hunting & fishing (although dog fighting has a bi-racial "fan base" in the South), so there is clearly a % that regards this as simply more harassment by The Man.

I look for brawls in the stands at Falcon games between those who cheer and heckle Vick if he is not suspended (with pay or otherwise). It is definitely ugly.
I have heard the compare to hunting and fishing deal. But if we did not hunt, states would over populate with Deers to the point in years to come were you could not drive down the road without hitting one. We have had several times in Indiana in Brown county a extra hunting weekend to take more deers out because there were so many. But deer are part of are food chain to. Now if we were in a oriental country were dog is on some of there menu's then it could be turned around. But in America dog fighting is illegal and we must a bid by the laws. Go by air ports with corn fields around them now a days, since we cannot hunt near air ports no more, they are heavy in deer. I go by hulman air port and there is dang near 50+ deer out in the fields anymore. Heck we almost hit a group that was running across the street bouncing off the fence and runing back, was funny.
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