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Default Re: Vick indicted

oops. i misread the poll results.

today on sirius i heard a vegetarian caller actually compare dogfighting to the cruelty to the domesticated animals we eat. zzzzzzzz

new mexico just became the 49th state to outlaw ****fighting, and i can admitt that i wanted to attend one atleast once and i'd probably go twice. but i find a big difference between fighting chicken nuggets vs. fighting "mans best friend".

just like i can see the difference between hunting a deer for a set of antlers vs. an endangered african elephant for a set of tusks. sure killing any animal is all the same but when you start killin pets as opposed to food there is a huge emotional difference and heart strings are gonna be tugged.

i used to shoot lizards and birds with my BB gun as a kid. now that i own a parrot who is my bud and several exotic lizards, i could never go shoot them for "target practice".

all the dogs ive had would gladly lay down their lives to protect me. and i will admit that my childhood dog between ages 10-27 was an ass kicker (chow-husky X) and i unleashed him on several dogs. they were dogs that either tried to attack me or come into our yard. "wooley" never lost a fight. but in no way would i ever let him kill another dog or kill him for not being able to instinctively protect. that was like my furry brother.
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