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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
good article and great point. of course i love my child a million times more than any of my pets ive ever had, but i think i would still react the same if i walked up and saw vick or one of his goons treating (murdering) any of them like he did his animals.

my point is to agree with the writer of the article that if you are messing with peoples pets, you might as well be messing with their children.

ive tried to remain objective on the matter and keep emotions out of it, but im really hoping to see vick go down. i know its a shame if he actually does more time than OJ, jacko, or ray-ray, but you gotta start somewhere right. (i thought scott peterson was gonna walk, so maybe there is hope)

anyways our lead story on the albuquerque nightly news is "Dog Fighting- what is being done to stop it in our state?"

vick is so screwed.
Well you can blame the prosecution and local police on the OJ case, making mistakes, mishandling evidence and so forth. And even in the Duke case were the prosecution played more to the media then they to the case and was not pre paired and made mistakes and then later got OJ to pay over 33 mil when another court found him responsible for the deaths. What it shows is how bad in some areas were the prosecution is not educated enough and makes dumb mistakes and allows people to walk like OJ and the Duke boys. Best thing about this case is the Federal prosecution will be pre paired and we should see the right out come because normally when the Feds come after you they are very ready and have the evidence needed and dig and dig for more to make sure that there case is secure.

We see every day sports people and celebs get off and not even go to trial because they pay the victums off. But in this case since Feds are involve there is no pay off and Vick will see the courts regardless.
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