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Originally Posted by ChronoCross View Post
I have raised dobbermens to different breeds myself. My grandma spoiled BO he was a 145 pound dobby. He was so big and he did not let no one hurt anyone. Lately, well a few months ago I had to put down a black lab chow mix, 115 pounds. He would protect the kids and no coyotes got on the farm are anything. 4 months ago I had to put him down, I forget the name of illness he had but almost attack the wife and then the baby, it was so hard to put him down, we had him for 8 years. We have one of his puppies which is almost 1year 2months old and looks just like him and I have been training him on the farm and he is doing so good, he is at 98 pounds already. It has always been a sad day when a dog of ours died are like the last one I had to put to sleep. BO grandma's big baby lasted 4 years after her death, he passed away on a friend of ours Farm in 1998. He would set behind the back door were she always came out, grandpa took BO to the farm and it helped him last longer.

I hope vick goes to prison.
talk about tugging at heart strings... that reminds me of "Old Yeller". ive always loved dobies but have to "settle: for our min pins. our male and his son escaped our fence about 2 months ago. now we live a 3 minute walk from the desert foothills and Walter (yes, our dog and daughter are both named after walter payton) is so small a jack rabbit would kick his ass and he would be a snack for a coyote.

i drove around for 5 hours looking for them, and was crushed when i couldnt find them. if they werent eaten or ran over i was sure somebody would keep them. thankfully they returned, which kinda suprised me cause it was the 1st time they escaped and i actually spoke to a walker who saw a lady trying to capture them. i have no idea how anyone finds the strength to go through a child who is kidnapped or missing.

our momma min pin is the big mean bitch though and i would put her up against a coyote any day.

i gotta hunnerd bucks on it.

Fu(k vick.
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