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Default Re: Vick indicted


Several readers have pointed out to us an important aspect to the entire Mike Vick investigation and prosecution.

If Vick was gambling, and winning, thousands of dollars, Vick likely wasn't declaring his dog fighting booty as income. And, thus, Vick would not have paid all of his applicable taxes. Which, in turn, would make him potentially responsible for tax evasion.

All money earned through any endeavor, legal or illegal, constitutes income. Several years ago, some NBA officials got in trouble for downgrading first-class airline tickets, pocketing the difference, and not reporting it as income.

Earlier this decade, former Vikings coach Mike "Meathead" Tice 'fessed up to scalping Super Bowl tickets. Though he never was prosecuted for tax evasion, it's our understanding that Tice was smart enough to make good with the IRS immediately.

For Vick, the mere act of making good with the IRS would constitute an admission to involvement in dog fighting. But failing to come clean and pay the tax man could only make the hole that he has dug for himself even deeper.
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