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Default Re: Vick indicted

Originally Posted by ChronoCross View Post
Well you can blame the prosecution and local police on the OJ case, making mistakes, mishandling evidence and so forth. And even in the Duke case were the prosecution played more to the media then they to the case and was not pre paired and made mistakes and then later got OJ to pay over 33 mil when another court found him responsible for the deaths. What it shows is how bad in some areas were the prosecution is not educated enough and makes dumb mistakes and allows people to walk like OJ and the Duke boys. Best thing about this case is the Federal prosecution will be pre paired and we should see the right out come because normally when the Feds come after you they are very ready and have the evidence needed and dig and dig for more to make sure that there case is secure.

We see every day sports people and celebs get off and not even go to trial because they pay the victums off. But in this case since Feds are involve there is no pay off and Vick will see the courts regardless.

A little defense of local prosecutions

I somewhat agree about the OJ case being messed up (although the 33 million was awarded in a civil case, so that's not really the same thing as the crimminal phase), but the Duke boys were railroaded, IMO. The DNA evidence, and lack thereof, exonorated the boys and the prosecuter withheld that information, but that is off topic so I will stop. I somehow think the evidence in the Vick case will be clearer.

Remember that the Feds mostly have the advantage of selecting the cases they want to prosecute. The local prosecuter might have a turkey of a case (IOW, they believe the person guilty, but don't have great evidence), and if he/she declines to prosecute will they face the wrath of the voters. They simply can't say, oh will throw that into the lap of the feds

Finally remember not every local court messes up celebrity high profile prosecutions. Mike Tyson didn't get much love in his trial. Either did the bafoons who wacked Nancy Kerrigan in the knee, and spent time in jail.

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