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Default To tuck or not to tuck...

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question!

So, just an informal poll. I usually always wear an undershirt whenever I wear a button down shirt or golf style shirt (not with a tee shirt). I never gave much thought to this but what I do is tuck my undershirt into my boxers (or boxer briefs) and then tuck my button down shirt just into my pants. I always thought that this was just the way you did it. For one thing, it keeps the undershirt from bunching up with my regular shirt.

Ok, my sister in law was staying with us this past weekend and noticed that I tucked and was wondering why. She said "No one does that!" and thought that it kind of looked tacky. My response was "Why are you so worried about what I do with my underwear?" and "Who cares what it looks like cause I am the only one who really sees it other then my wife (who doesn't care)."

My view is too each his own. I don't consider it a fashion thing as it is an undergarment that really isn't visible anyway. She couldn't provide a valid reason why you shouldn't other then it looks "tacky." To which I responded "who sees it anyway?"

So, do you tuck in your undershirt? Thoughts?


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